Our sustainability vision is to be a beacon of responsible hospitality in the heart of Heraklion, overlooking the Cretan Sea. We aspire to offer our guests an unparalleled seaside experience while preserving and nurturing the natural beauty and cultural heritage of Crete.

Our commitment is to operate with utmost respect for the environment, our dedicated employees, and the local community, ensuring that every stay with us is not only memorable but also leaves a positive, lasting impact.



Our commitment to the environment is deeply rooted in our vision of maintaining the tradition of Greek hospitality.


ASSESSMENT: of the environmental impact of our activities with the aim of reducing or even eliminating the negative impact on the environment.
ACTION: to protect the environment and prevent pollution.
GUARANTEE: a comfortable and quiet stay for customers at the hotel.
PRESERVATION: of excellent condition of our facilities and the operation of our equipment.
CREATIVE INTERACTION: with local agencies and participation in environmental activities.


Certification: we faithfully implement and continuously improve our Environmental Management System according to ISO 14001:2015.
Energy Management: we carry out actions to save energy, reduce water consumption, properly manage the produced wastewater, and reduce and properly manage the produced solid waste
Air Preservation: we implement a series of actions to preserve the good quality of the atmospheric air
Coastline Preservation: we continuously work towards protecting the shorelines where we operate.
Compliance: we comply with any statutory or other requirements related to our business activities.


We take pride in our unwavering commitment to sustainability and our close-knit relationship with the local community.

Our dedication shines through in everything we do, making a significant impact that benefits both the environment and the people who call our community home.


Supporting Local Suppliers: by choosing suppliers from our community, we help stimulate economic growth, reduce our carbon footprint, and build stronger bonds within our neighborhood.
Environmental Initiatives: Our unwavering dedication to the environment is evident in our sustainability activities:

a) Hotel Beach Cleaning: We regularly organize beach cleaning events to maintain the pristine beauty of our coastlines. Our goal is to provide our guests with breathtaking scenery and protect the delicate ecosystems that call these shores home.

b) Restoring Abandoned Buildings: East of our hotel, we’re actively restoring abandoned structures that have marred our community’s landscape. This initiative not only revitalizes the local architecture but also fosters a sense of pride and accomplishment within our community


Our valued employees are those who drive our mission forward with dedication and passion.

We recognize that our team is the driving force behind our success, and their well-being and development are central to our sustainability commitment.


Employee Development and Well-being: we are committed to providing our team with opportunities for professional and personal growth, from training and skill development programs to many other wellness activities.
Local Hiring: We believe in the power of our local community, and it reflects in our commitment to hiring from within. A remarkable 83% of our workforce hails from our community, deepening our connection to the area and contributing to its growth and prosperity.
Diversity and Inclusion: We believe in the strength of diversity and inclusivity. Our commitment to our people includes fostering an environment where everyone is respected, valued, and provided with equal opportunities, ensuring that our workforce reflects the rich tapestry of our community.