Pnoé Restaurants & Bars

Gastronomic symphonies

Pnoé Restaurants & Bars

Fine-dining haven

Tradition enters the now in this fine-dining haven. Ancient recipes, traditional delicacies & the flavours of Crete find a high-end reawakening – with an open kitchen every night.


Earthy tones, wood, and stone details create a welcoming atmosphere in an idyllic pool setting, perfect for romantic evenings and daytime moments of relaxation.

Gastronomic symphonies

Restaurants & Bars


Guests will be introduced to and immersed in the authentic flavours of the island at our fine dining Cretan Restaurant. Discover a wide selection of refined traditional dishes by our chefs.


A world of delectable flavours awaits to entice guests in the morning and evening at Pnoé’s Αnása Restaurant. Indulge in the international flavours of the breakfast buffet.

Aeri Pool Bar

Refreshing beverages and a unique menu of signature and classic cocktails await to delight you at the Aeri Pool bar. Guests can indulge in their favourite, light combinations throughout the day with a fresh juice menu, as well as a signature cocktail list.

Uranos Rooftop Bar

Incredible sunset views illuminate the resort’s Uranos Rooftop Bar. Modern comfort meets wood detailing and lush verdant gardens highlighted by atmospheric outdoor fire pits in what is the ideal summer setting.

The Location

Nestled just outside Heraklion, Thymises is a place to escape the rhythms of everyday life and retreat into nature. Surrounded by stunning natural locations, nearby beaches and stunning views of the island, Pnoé is at once well-connected and secluded.


An array of sensational flavours – from traditional delicacies to international favourites, await guests in Pnoé’s restaurants and bars.

From rich breakfasts offering the perfect fuel for the day to delectable dinners enticing you with their fine flavours and innovative cocktail creations brightening up your day, each flavoursome experience ushers in a wonderful ambience in gorgeous spaces elevated through unique design.