Real Crete

Welcome to

the Island of Crete


All around the world, Crete is renowned for its stunning nature, ancient history and vibrant local culture. From mountainous villages to cosmopolitan cities, there’s something for everyone on one of the world’s favourite islands.

A crossroads between the East and the West, Crete is a melting pot that has long enchanted travellers. Discover its delicious cuisine, its stunning coastline, its characterful music and its enduring traditions – all of which are interwoven with the MK Hotel Collection experience.


Heraklion Town


Located on the island’s northern coast, Heraklion is a city which combines the historic with the contemporary. With Venetian influences and ancient architecture, Heraklion offers a perfect glimpse into the rich history of Crete.

World-class museums, a thriving downtown area and excellent gastronomic options make for a city that’s at once laid-back and cosmopolitan.

Knossos Archaeological Site


Just outside of Heraklion lies the Knossos Palace – famously recognised as lying on the remnants of the oldest city in Europe. A colossal Bronze Age archaeological site, Knossos transports you to the island’s rich past –  a historical wonder only a small journey away from MK Hotel Collection properties.



Crete has long been recognised for its stunning beaches, but among the most beautiful of these is Elafonissi. On the island’s southwestern shore, discover the world-famous pink sands.


A visit to Balos Beach is a journey to a tropical oasis. Glistening white sands meet vibrant turquoise waters in a quintessentially Mediterranean stretch of coastline.

Cretan Cuisine


Cretan culinary heritage draws from ancient traditions, infusing each dish with captivating stories. Every meal, regardless of its simplicity, encapsulates not just nourishment, but our rich heritage, culture, genuine hospitality, and the comforting embrace of home.