Cicada Seascape

Experience the sound of summer

Cicada Seascape

Cicada Seascape Experience

An all-day restaurant & lounge, this boho-chic haven offers contemporary island cuisine with a cosmopolitan twist. Enjoy beachside dining and a high-end array of local and international fare. Earthy tones, chilled-out vibes & big blue skies await your eyes.


Experience the sound of summer

Restaurants & Bars

Cicada Restaurant

Enjoy all-day dining in a laid-back environment, serenaded by the natural soundscape of the nearby beach. From light bites to modern takes on traditional classics, there’s something for everyone at Cicada.

Cicada Coffe Area

Enjoy long, languid mornings at the Cicada Coffee Area, a sun-soaked morning spot for artisanal roasts, fresh fruits, and the gentle sea breeze.

Cicada Lounge Bar

Infused with the heady aromas of the Cretan landscape, Cicada Lounge Bar is a breezy retreat for al-fresco relaxation, premium cocktails and exclusive Shisha options.

Cicada Beach Area

Golden sands, blue waters and spacious beachside sunbeds make the Cicada Beach Area the perfect place to retreat to nature. Indulge in signature cocktails, light snacks and refreshments.

The Location

The Cicada Seascape is nestled on a stunning outcrop just outside of Heraklion. Enjoy the contemporary buzz of this city, venture out to discover the wonders of the island, and then retreat to your private sanctuary for rest and relaxation.


At Cicada Seascape Experience, we strive to ensure that everything we do is sustainable, eco-friendly and green. Inspired by a love for the Cretan land, our architecture, design, produce and corporate policies all make steps towards ensuring a healthy planet for generations to come.

Built on the beachside, Cicada Seascape Experience utilises a bioclimatic design to harness the cooling properties of natural materials. Modern buildings are responsible for 40% of global energy use, contributing up to 30% of the total CO2 emissions. The open-plan structure of our restaurant allows the sea breeze to flow through, minimising the need for energy-inefficient thermo-regulatory systems.

On-site, our staff are trained to ensure our day-to-day operations are as eco-friendly as possible. From being sparing with our water usage to maintaining strong recycling protocols, the everyday runnings of Cicada Seascape Experience go with the planet in mind. We do not use any disposable plastics. Instead, we’re making use of biodegradable straws for all our in-house and takeaway beverages.